• Refrain from Sharing Undergarments or Towels

    Some STDs can be passed through direct skin-to-skin contact. Although your partner may look clean from the naked eye, you can never be too sure.

  • Maintain Proper Hygiene

    Make it a habit to wash before and after sexual contact. It will not only make intimate contact more comfortable for both parties but it can also help protect you from getting infected with STDs.

  • Consider Abstinence

    It’s the only surefire way that can keep you free from STDs. Apart from that, open communication with your partner also helps.

  • Avoid Alcohol Intake or Drug Use

    You need to be sober in order to practice safe sex. If you have a habit, it would be best for you to get help from a professional.

  • Get Tested

    If you think you may be infected, don’t wait too long to get yourself checked by a medical professional. A lot of STDs are easily treatable when they are diagnosed early.